How to Make at Home While Social Distancing, Make Your Marketing Videos

Most people walk around with a phone in their pocket that can now shoot, edit, and post video content for various outlets. However, creating compelling Marketing Videos content that meets your business needs requires a certain level of technical expertise and creativity.

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Keeping the lines of communication open, especially during these strange and uncertain times, is critical to let your customers and employees know that you are still conducting business as usual as possible while adapting to the ever-changing marketplace. Some simple ways to make home-produced Marketing Videos content look more professional and communicate your message more effectively.

The following are helpful hints and suggestions for improving home-produced video content’s look and messaging capabilities.

Why are Marketing Videos important?

Because of technological advancements, widespread availability, and access to wireless, high-speed internet connections, video content marketing has become a powerful tool. Businesses now use video to communicate with prospective customers and even internally across all online platforms.

Marketing Videos have been a highly effective means of communicating your brand messaging, explaining and introducing products and services, and building trust and loyalty among large groups of consumers long before the coronavirus made an appearance. This can be accomplished through compelling promotional videos, customer testimonials, product demonstrations, explainer videos, and other methods.

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  • Here are some statistics in favor of Marketing Videos:
  • Eighty-one percent of businesses today use video as a valuable marketing tool.
  • Every day, YouTube users watch more than 1 billion hours of video.
  • Customers prefer videos to learn about the products and services they require.
  • If your website includes video, it is up to 53 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page.
  • Most marketers agree that video content has aided users in understanding their products and services.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on demand for video content

With more people working from home due to the global coronavirus pandemic, businesses worldwide have had to rethink their communication needs and functions. It has resulted in a tectonic shift in priorities in the short term, with long-term consequences that will forever alter how people and businesses communicate.

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Online marketing efforts increasingly rely on Marketing Videos content to replace face-to-face communications. Video is helping people adjust to a new world of social distance and stay-at-home orders. Customers, employees, contractors, vendors, and other business associates communicate and market your products and services using Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook video messaging, and other platforms.

Customers are becoming more familiar with Marketing Videos as a leading source of communication as they adjust to these unprecedented times.

How to Make At-Home DIY Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos

Businesses are also compelled to create video content from home to avoid the personal contact and equipment sharing associated with traditional video production. So, how do you create compelling video advertising and Marketing Videos content?

DIY at-home video gear

It would have been unthinkable just a few years ago to imagine having the ability to create and distribute video content from a device the size of your palm. That is how quickly video technology has progressed.

Many people associate Marketing Videos production with vans full of cameras, tripods, microphones, tape, and all the bells and whistles associated with TV commercials. However, today’s consumer devices can produce video content with higher quality than expensive production equipment that was considered cutting-edge just a few decades ago.

Cell phones

The latest cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices include technology and features that allow them to produce professional-quality Marketing Videos content. Accessories such as stands and microphones help improve the video quality these modern technological marvels can make.

Action camcorders

Do you have an old GoPro or other action camera gathering dust in your closet? It’s time to dust it off and use it to make compelling video content. Action cameras produce dynamic, hypnotic images that captivate viewers and draw them into your content.

Digital SLR cameras

Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are upgraded digital cameras that use a digital imaging sensor to shoot short, explicit videos.

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  • Cameras for professionals

Only the most experienced and technologically savvy photographers should invest in professional-grade cameras.

Audiovisual equipment

Wearing headphones or earbuds with a microphone allows you to optimize a video with no sound or to enhance existing sound. If you are concerned about the appearance of headphones or cords coming from your ears, wireless earbuds provide a cleaner and more streamlined look. If your budget allows, you could invest in lavalier microphones and an audio mixer to get a more professional sound and options.

Lighting apparatus

Simply directing a desk lamp or other household light at your subject will frequently result in hot spots and harsh lighting. Soften the light by using a nearby wall or a piece of white cardboard. Natural sunlight looks great on camera, but Mother Nature decides when and how long it will shine. Clamp and LED lights for home video productions are more accessible and affordable than ever before if you want to take the lighting to the next level.

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Footage from a stock video

Using stock video footage is one way to get around the limitations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic on your video production efforts. You can now access millions of hours of vintage film and modern Marketing Videos for use in your marketing videos through digital video warehouses.

Several prominent media warehouses provide extensive libraries of video footage that you can use to supplement your Marketing Videos content. Stock footage is organized by industry and topic, with video and photos available in various price ranges. Some of the most popular stock video footage providers are:

Shutterstock: Shutterstock, the most well-known and heavily trafficked stock video site, has many affordable stock videos and photos that various metrics can search.

Getty Images: For decades, Getty Images has covered the top news stories of the day, and it now has an extensive library of video stock footage of past events, celebrities, and current news items.

Envato: Provides millions of downloadable video assets, templates, and graphics, as well as pricing plans that include unlimited downloads and team packages.

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Film Supply: Film Supply is a full-service stock video footage company that provides free clip research to find the proper footage for your project.

Art grid: An up-and-coming force in video stock footage, Artgrid offers annual subscription plans ranging from $25 to $59 that include unlimited video downloads.

VideoBlocks: Gain access to over 1 million royalty-free video assets for your marketing video productions.

Marketing Videos types to create at home.

Producing marketing or internal business videos from home has its limitations. There are still plenty of options to continue your digital marketing efforts with various effective Marketing Videos content if you think outside the box and use your instincts and creativity.

Updates on the company

It is more important than ever to keep your clients, partners, and employees up to date on the status of your company. These can be simple talking head videos with valuable updates on your company’s progress.

Videos of thought leaders

You are the authority in your field and a reliable resource for your clients. Use the power of video to educate your customers from the comfort of your own home. Understanding your company and your products and services will increase their chances of becoming satisfied customers.


Live webinars allow you to connect with and engage with your target audiences to explain complex processes or other aspects of your products and services. Webinar platforms enable you to interact with your audience in real-time while recording the content for later viewing and use.

Videos of unboxing

There is no better way to show off a product to potential customers than an unboxing video, which is precisely what it sounds like. Viewers see you open the box of your product, giving them a better idea of what they will receive. These videos have grown in popularity on YouTube, where there are now hundreds of channels and millions of Openbox videos.

Product demonstration videos

Product demonstration videos showing what your product does, how it works, and what makes it great can be effective. Because no one knows your products as well as you do, a product demo video created at home can be just as effective as one created by a professional in a studio.

Video advertisements

Video ads, as opposed to a simple blurb of text or a branded image, create an experience that captures the consumer’s attention, whether they realize it or not. According to Adobe, shoppers who watch videos are 1.8x more likely to buy than non-video viewers. This marketing strategy is worthwhile whether you’re using Facebook video ads, animated banner ads, or YouTube ads.

Instructional videos

Show off your product’s benefits, features, and functions with a how-to video you can make at home. How-to Marketing Videos will reassure your customers that they will get the most out of your products.

Study of cases

Do you provide a fantastic service with a long track record of success? Showcase your accomplishments in case study videos that walk your audience through successful projects demonstrating your service’s value. Case studies allow your audience to put themselves in your subject’s shoes, allowing them to envision your company solving the same problems.

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Making your animation videos

Animated content entertains and engages your audience and allows them to absorb and retain the information you present. Tell your story and deliver your message in a dynamic, engaging, and creative way with animated elements that will transport your production to places where live action cannot.

DIY animation tools

Do you have the ability and creativity to design your animation elements using cutting-edge software? Animation software has become more affordable and user-friendly as technology has advanced. Among the most popular DIY animation projects available today are:

Moovly: Select from large libraries of stock video and photos, or import your own.

Prezi: A less expensive alternative to PowerPoint, Prezi provides a flexible format for creating business presentations.

Lumen 5: A simple video creation and animation platform for those with little to no video production experience.

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DIY animation voiceovers

Voiceover artists are one of the few segments of the entertainment industry unaffected by COVID-19 or social distancing guidelines. They only require a professional-grade microphone and recording equipment, a script, and some project guidance. Using professional voiceover talent will assist you in getting your Marketing Videosnoticed and engaging your audiences with the content and information presented. Among the most popular voiceover talent services available today are:, marketed as the world’s top voiceover warehouse, allows you to post your job freely and needs to access some of the best professional voice actors in the industry. Since 2003, has provided professional voiceover talent for hundreds of thousands of projects for some of the world’s largest corporations. connects you with some of the industry’s most talented and diverse freelance voiceover actors.

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  • Hiring freelance animators

Suppose you lack the talent or experience to create your animation content but cannot afford to hire a professional animator. In that case, several websites provide access to large groups of talented freelancers. Just keep in mind that animators found on these sites may require more direction and creative direction.

Fiverr: Fiverr freelance animators specialize in various animation forms such as 2D, 3D, motion graphics, and whiteboard animation.

Upwork: Upwork is a vast resource for finding freelancers of all types, including creative animators of varying skill levels and experience.

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  • Professional animation studios

Another industry that can sustain production in these unprecedented times of social distancing is animation. Hiring a professional animator, if your budget allows, can improve the quality of your Marketing Videos presentation and attract a larger group of potential customers.

Hiring a video production team from afar

Video production companies specializing in professional marketing content adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. Creative teams of production specialists continue to create compelling Marketing Videos content while adhering to our new COVID-19 way of life.

Production shoots that are meticulously planned, as well as the use of existing video footage and photographs, enable skilled professionals to create branded videos that will help to increase your online presence and brand awareness. Modern communication tools such as video conferencing and text messaging can help you monitor and manage the production of your marketing videos. Throughout the process, raw and edited content can be shared to give you the same level of control and input as if you were sitting in the production team’s office.

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A professional video production company can create new content for use in search engine optimization and other digital marketing efforts, as well as social media networks and email campaigns designed to broaden your reach and grow your business. Experienced video production teams can also repurpose your existing content to create new content while adhering to social distancing guidelines. If you need a ballpark figure, you can use this video production cost estimator to get a ballpark figure.

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  • A professional video production team can create the following types of marketing videos for you:
  • Self-captured talking head

A professional in video production has the equipment and experience to set up a clean, tight shot. They will be able to light the subject and background properly while ensuring the most transparent audio.

Animated videos on the go

Professional animators are self-sufficient artists who do not require anything other than their cutting-edge computers and software to create stunning animations that will capture and hold the attention of their target audiences.

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Professional production houses have the resources and experience to access massive inventories of stock video footage from various industries and topics.

Editing: Video editors work magic to combine your content in the most impactful and compelling ways. They typically prefer to work alone in an editing booth to bring your messaging information’s vision to life. Look through our list of the best video editing software for beginners.

Studio product videos: As long as the production crew has your product and a detailed list of instructions, they can create practical demonstration, instructional, and educational videos without putting anyone else in danger.

It is possible to create compelling Marketing Videos content from home.

Whether you’re just starting with video or already up and running, producing quality video content for marketing and internal business applications does not have to halt in the aftermath of the pandemic. In today’s digital age, with rapidly advancing technology, there are numerous options for creating impactful, engaging Marketing Video content to reach many potential customers.

Whether you create your video content from the comfort of your own home or outsource it to freelancers and professionals, life and business can continue as normally as possible in these uncertain times.

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